Conservative Long-Only Combination Portfolio Combined with Leveraged Short-Term PerformanceEdge Strategy - 50% each:

This strategy combines PerformanceSignal Intermediate-term strategies with PerformanceSignal Short-term strategies in the allocation of 50% each. Here are the recent results of our combination portfolio and short-term hedging strategy combined. We just started tracking this combination of strategies as of 9/17/2014, but already its not hard to see the value. The idea is that half the portfolio uses a very conservative approach, in which we are long-only ETF index funds during BUY signals, while the other half uses a more aggressive strategy that utilizes both long and short short-term opportunities in the ETF QQQ so it maximizes gains on the way up but also provides a hedge if stocks suddenly start to decline. We will post these third-party, verified results periodically and I think you will be amazed at how we can manage risk and get returns at the same time.

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TimerTrac is a subscription based service that provides objective and verifiable third party results of stock market strategies from professional Registered Investment Advisors and market timers. There is no way to manipulate the results, the signals are sent to TimerTrac as they would be sent to a client then TimerTrac graphs the results.

PerformanceSignal Intermediate-term V5 Ten-Year+  Long/Short Results Spreadsheet:  (won't change within 30-days of signal change)

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PerformanceSignal Modified Short-Term (MST) Strategy 5-year results (signal changes can occur within a 30-day period)

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The newest member of our strategies also has the best back tests. It was derived from using the best indicators in our PerformanceSignal V5 strategy but stripping out the 30-day rule that requires the signal to not change within a 30-day period. This means it can change in one week or several months so it is not ideal for work-sponsored retirement accounts that charge penalties for frequent changes. It is ideal for any brokerage accounts and self-directed IRA's.

It is a very adaptive and elastic methodology that changes frequently in volatile markets like 2011 and very infrequently in non-volatile markets like 2013. Signal changes trigger within 15- 60 days on average, and as mentioned, the frequency of changes depending on the market environment. Unlike our ultra short-term hedging strategy, this strategy is fairly easy to manage as signals are less frequent and yet it is guaranteed to turn ahead of any real trend - even if it's only a couple of weeks long. The back test results are phenomenal and many won't believe that these kinds of returns are possible but we started live in December of 2015 with beta testers and the live signals have been as good or better than the back test.

This strategy has very little draw down from entries so it be used with leveraged funds to double or triple the returns.  If you would like more information about how to use this strategy or how to apply leverage, email us at

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