Performance Signal Explained

PerformanceSignal is your own personal investment performance tool - we provide easy to understand trade signals to help you manage your brokerage account, IRA or work-sponsored retirement program.

You receive signal change alerts via email or text message or both. They are either BUY, CASH or SELL.  BUY means you want to be invested in stock funds, CASH means you want to move your money from stock funds to safe interest bearing accounts like a Money Market fund, and SELL means that you can enter into inverse funds to profit from market declines, if you have that option. If you don't have that option then a SELL signal is the same as a CASH signal - its as simple as that!

We offer a way to handily beat the average market gains and minimize the declines in any stock investment vehicle and it's especially well-suited for tax qualified plans such as self-directed IRA's or 401(k)'s as capital gains are tax deferred which allow for rapid compounding of your assets.

PerformanceSignal uses our own proprietary indicators and today's most sophisticated technology to deliver superior market insight so you don't have to rely on your intuition or someone else’s bad tips. 

Our strategies have three main qualities...

  1. Simple to implement - Intermediate-term (30-90 days) takes advantage of time to circumvent the daily random market movements thereby providing easy maintenance and high potential returns (We also have special long-term signals for work-sponsored programs).
  2. Risk Averse - index investing means no individual stock risk and we implement risk management techniques to insure that you stay clear of devastating market action.
  3. Above average returns - We can show you greater returns based on our proprietary measurements with documented less risk (ask for our recent third party documented returns).

PerformanceSignal is all of the above. You won't have to change your lifestyle, watch the stock market everyday or have your eyes glaze over as you try to learn questionable investing theories or techniques. You're given market timing alerts that include the best percentage allocation for bonds, stocks and money market accounts to achieve the highest returns with lowest risk. 

We Trade Index ETF's

Simply put - we can get better returns without individual stock risk using index ETF funds. But even if you trade individual stocks our service is essential because you need to get market direction right to have the best success as stock direction is directly impacted by the direction of the broad markets, some estimate, by as much as 85%.

We can also use leveraged ETF's with our signals without fear of volatility and without worrying about diminishing returns due to daily compounding but we can still get the out-sized returns that they provide while putting less money at risk.

We track our trades and we invest our own money using our signals so you can feel certain that we have at least as much at stake as you.

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