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My name is Lee Nelson and I have been timing the markets for over two decades. Until recently, we tried to offer services but found that what I do is not something that can easily be taught or conveyed. However, the most important principles can easily be used by anyone to significantly increase their success in growing and protecting the money.

With that in mind, I am going to re-tool the website and attempt to make the most important principles I alluded to above, free to the public. I am just getting started on the website as 8/7/2019 so come back and I should have a weekly blog and important information about market dynamics.

The Mission

The mission is to help anyone with a sincere interest put the benefit of technology, experience and a proven methodology behind their investment decisions to make them confident that they can accumulate enough money to reach their financial goals and provide security for their family. 

Why we started...

Since 1983, tax qualified retirement plans such as 401(k)s, have replaced pension or “guaranteed” retirement plans. The responsibility for accumulating retirement assets rests squarely on the individual. Most people buy stock and bond mutual funds within their company sponsored qualified plan without the benefit of any real guidance. This along with other disturbing facts, have raised the question – is there a better way?

Disturbing fact #1 - Americans don't save enough money

 In 1980 Americans saved about 8% of their disposable income. By 1997, we were only saving 4.5% of our disposable income, about one-third the savings rate among other industrialized nations. Today, 10 years later, our savings rate has collapsed below zero. We're consuming even more, saving even less. One expert said this was "slow-motion bankruptcy." At the beginning of 2006, the average account balance of 401(k)'s for all ages is $58,328 while the Median account balance is $19,398 Sources:  Investment Company Institute, Employee Benefit Research Institute.

Disturbing fact #2 - Average investors under-perform the market significantly by themselves

 Dalbar Inc., a respected Boston-based financial market research company, released a study showing that when left to their own, investors tend to significantly under perform the market. During a 19-year period from 1984 through 2002, Dalbar found the average equity investor earned an anemic 2.57% annually, versus an average inflation rate of 3.14% and an annual return of 12.22% for the S&P 500. Updated research in 2013 showed that there had been no improvement. Source: Dalbar, Inc.

Disturbing fact #3 - Most people have no investment plan  

The old adage that people spend more time planning their vacation than their retirement is apropos. People don't for the most part, hire money managers, so for lack of a better plan they may be very defensive in their portfolio to the point where it doesn’t return enough to keep up with expenses and inflation or they take excessive risks – a strategy that can, and will, eventually prove devastating to a portfolio.

Disturbing fact #4 - Most people have no investment goal

Few people have calculated their retirement needs and established a goal. Even fewer have a way to monitor their success year by year to make sure they are going to reach that goal. 

The facts paint a grim picture for most people - like everyone else I was in that same boat and I was and am driven now to put the probabilities of success in our favor. Our journey started over 25 years ago and since then, many great minds and experts in their field have contributed to the making of PerformanceSignal concepts.  

There is a better way

Aside from the negatives - we are here to tell you that you can get to where you want to go financially! Time and time again it has been proven that you can win by getting started now, set aside money in a tax deferred account, enhance your returns by gaining knowledge and you will see compounding that will astound you over time. 

We welcome you to our website and are glad to answer  questions. 

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