PerformanceSignal Accurate Market Timing for Stocks and Bonds

Introducing PerformanceSignal, a way to dramatically improve the results of your stock and bond investments.

PerformanceSignal Offers...

  • Short-term trading signals (days to weeks)
  • Intermediate-term trading signals (weeks to months)
  • Long-term trading signals for work-sponsored retirement plans (months to years)

We trade ETF's, Leveraged ETF's, mutual funds and stocks but we can show you how to make more money with less risk and less management headaches by using our signals with index ETF's.

Use our timing recommendations to manage your self-directed IRA's, brokerage accounts and your 401k or work-sponsored program.

  • Easy BUY, SELL and CASH signals emailed directly to you and posted on our website with simple instructions
  • Our indicators measure over 50 aspects of the market for superior insight - our methodology makes the difference!
  • Get improved returns without added risk or high maintenance
  • Use our timing recommendations with index funds, ETF's or mutual funds
  • Use inverse funds and leverged ETF's like SQQQ and TQQQ even within self-directed IRA's
  • Audited and verifiable third-party results. Others will often hide the truth - we gladly share our actual results (see current results)

Whether your a sophisticated trader or conservative investor, the important turns in the market will dramatically impact your success.

PerformanceSignal uses our own proprietary indicators and today's most sophisticated technology to deliver superior market insight to help you create a massive retirement account or an income producing machine to help replace your income.

Our service includes...

You receive signal change alerts via email or text message or both. They are either BUY, CASH or SELL.  BUY means you want to be invested in stock ETF's or mutual funds, CASH means you want to move your money from stock ETF's or mutual funds to safe interest bearing accounts like a Money Market fund, and SELL means that you can enter into inverse funds to profit from market declines, if you have that option. If you don't have that option then a SELL signal is the same as a CASH signal - its as simple as that!

We also include a bond allocation recommendation and signal alert so that you can safely get income and growth through bonds.

Weekly Newsletter and Update
You receive our market timing newsletter every week!
Contents include...

  • Market In A Minute - a quick synopsis for the week
  • Health of the market
  • Trend Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Extremes Analysis
  • Short term strategies
Actual audited performance results
See third-party audited graphs of our timing signals applied to ETF's to see just how much money you could be gaining (see current results).

We make our high-performance trading signals very affordable so that the average person can take advantage of our insights but you can try us FREE for thirty days by signing up under the Thirty Day FREE Trial option.

Give us a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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